Casa Vida

A Blend of Colonial Modern Style and Nature

Casa Vida, a modern colonial-style residence, is situated within the prestigious Hacienda Pinilla community. This architectural project came to life in response to the client’s request for spacious, independent spaces that provide privacy, all centered around the lush surrounding garden.

The residence comprises three separate volumes, each with a unique purpose and character. The central volume houses the living room, kitchen, and dining area in an open floor plan design that embraces the concept of open living. From here, panoramic views extend along the garden, with the pool as the focal point. The double-height living room offers a partial view of the office on the upper level, further connecting the spaces. On one side, you’ll find the volume dedicated to the main bedrooms, while on the other side, there is the guest volume, which includes guest rooms and a garage.

Landscape: Harmony with Nature

The garden design surrounding Casa Vida was carefully considered in sections. The entrance is framed by native plants from the Guanacaste region, featuring a palette of predominantly white colors that harmonize with the house’s style and require low water consumption.

Casa Vida Project CJ Arq
On the sides of the house, low-water-consuming local plants were used, preserving the natural trees on-site to take advantage of their shade and contribute to privacy. Towards the back and as the focal point of all the rooms, a tropical oasis was created. Here, native plants are combined with tropical species wherever possible. The grassy area surrounds the pool and deck, framed by a selection of plants that provide privacy and visual protection from neighbors. Additionally, the design includes winding paths that meander through the gardens surrounding the house and the tropical garden, complemented by fruit trees, as well as resting areas that invite you to enjoy the outdoor space and connect with the surrounding nature.

Type: Residential + Landscape
Location: Hacienda Pinilla, Avellanas, Guanacaste
Surface area: 460m2

Architecture: Architect Melanie Jasser
Landscape: Lic. César E. Caso
Engineering: Eng. Karen Navarro
Builder: Costa Construcciones
Status: Build
Builder: Costa Construction

Casa Vida Project CJ Arq