Tropical Contemporay Designs

We are professionals focused on integral and sustainable design.  We base our work in the surrounding natural conditions, that added to construction technologys, materials, landscape and interior design, combine  into environmental Architecture to achieve Contemporary Tropical projects with greater comfort, quality and aesthetics.  

What we Do


Contemporary Tropical Style

Landscape Design

Local low maintenance

Interior Design

Accomplishing a truly functional Home


High-End Renderings and Walkthroughs to improve clients feedbacks.

BIM Projects

Coordinating Architecture, Systems and Structure

Lightning Design

To better express the projects features

Site Planning

We take advantage of the location to achieve Sustainable Designs

Furniture Design

Built-in furniture in sync with the architectural design to best accomodate needs

At CJ Architecture, we embrace the power of teamwork as the ultimate method to achieve exceptional results. Our professionals come together to analyze, design, and build your dream project. We believe that true customization involves delving into every layer of a project, from overarching aspects to the details that seamlessly unite the whole. That’s why in our projects, we also integrate landscape design, lighting, furniture, and interior design.

This fusion enables impeccable coordination between architecture, engineering, and construction, resulting in a seamless process and exceptional outcomes. Our approach is rooted in providing our clients with the utmost quality and attention to detail, and we accompany them at every stage of the process, ensuring that the experience is rewarding and smooth.

Our Recent Projects

Who we are

At CJ Architecture, we are passionate professionals of comprehensive and sustainable design. We believe in architecture as a means to enhance people’s quality of life. Our philosophy is centered around harnessing the natural conditions of the environment, combined with construction technologies, materials, landscaping, and interior design, to create architecture that harmoniously integrates into its surroundings while minimizing its impact on nature. Each design is a collaboration with the site, utilizing light, vegetation, and local elements to craft contemporary tropical projects known for their comfort, quality, and aesthetics.

We are a family buissnes of profesional Architects that found in Costa Rica
 a place to live peacefully and work in harmony with nature.  

Melanie Jasser

CFIA Licenced
UBA - Universidad de Buenos Aires

César E. Caso

Landscape Architect
Lic. en Planificación y Diseño del Paisaje
UBA - Universidad de Buenos Aires

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