Currie Residence

Colonial Elegance and Sustainability in the Heart of Guanacaste

We invite you to explore Residence Currie, an architectural project that draws inspiration from the colonial-style courtyard homes, where each room gazes upon the central space, which is the soul of this residence. In this reinterpretation, the design plays with the relationship between the corridor and the rooms, prioritizing one over the other based on privacy needs.

Project Currie Residence C+J Arq

Modern Courtyard Home Design

The heart of Residence Currie resembles the classic courtyard homes, featuring a central space that acts as the epicenter of daily life. However, in this case, the concept has been reimagined. The house takes on a U-shape, seeking privacy from the outside world and creating intimate and secure spaces within. The rooms open up to this central space, promoting connection and harmony with the exterior.

Cross-Ventilation and Privacy Priority

A key feature of the design is the ability for cross-ventilation in most areas of the house. This ensures optimal airflow, maintaining a fresh and healthy environment at all times. Furthermore, greater height has been given to the main spaces, allowing panoramic views to the west and shielding the house from the intense southern sunlight. Openings in these areas are strategically designed, with small apertures or sunshades, creating shaded spots in the common areas of the house.

Type: Residential + Landscaping
Location: Hacienda Pinilla, Avellanas, Costa Rica
Surface area: 700 m2
Team: Architecture: Architect Melanie Jasser
Landscape: Lic. César E. Caso
Electromechanical Engineering: CIEM Consultores
Structural Engineering: Daniel López Ramires
Status: Project

Project Currie Residence C+J Arq

A Sanctuary of Privacy and Connection to Nature

Residence Currie stands as an example of the evolution of colonial architecture into a modern expression of privacy and comfort. Through its U-shape and focus on cross-ventilation, it strikes a perfect balance between connecting with nature and the privacy needed. Every corner of this residence is designed with comfort and elegance in mind, offering its inhabitants a unique place where history blends with innovation.

Discover the charm of Residence Currie, where colonial architecture finds new life, embracing the present and the future in the heart of Guanacaste.