Casa De Las Olas

A Transformed Tropical Haven

Casa de las Olas is a project that emerged from our client’s vision, who sought a complete transformation of the garden space in their home. The primary goal was to create an outdoor kitchen with room for a dining table and guests, along with a pool. All of this was to follow natural forms, maintaining the essence of the existing house and harmoniously surrounded by tropical vegetation.

Design Concept: Flowing and Sharing Spaces

Our design concept focused on creating different spaces within the available area, separated by lush vegetation. This approach allowed for the generation of private areas and spaces for socializing, with the pool becoming the epicenter, the focal point that captures all attention in this tropical oasis.


Design Analysis: Curved Lines and Carefully Planned Privacy

We opted for curved lines that meander through the garden, gradually revealing the spaces as one explores the area. Both in plan and elevation, the spaces have varying heights, carefully planned according to desired privacy priorities. We identified the visual areas from the main house that needed framing and providing privacy from the other shared spaces.

We considered the existing topography to minimize unnecessary earthworks, resulting in a seamless integration with the natural environment. Accessible materials and colors that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape were used. Local plants were selected for areas more exposed to the sun, while areas with less sun exposure featured tropical plants. This combination was adapted to the extreme climates of Guanacaste without losing the tropical charm.

Casa de las Olas is an example of how creative vision and respect for nature can transform a space into a rejuvenated tropical haven, where the beauty of architecture and abundant vegetation intertwine in perfect harmony.

Type: Landscaping
Location: Langosta, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.
Surface area: 200m2

Architecture: Architect Melanie Jasser
Landscape: Lic. César E. Caso
Electromechanical Engineering: Harold Salas Zuñiga
Structural Engineer: Daniel Lopez Ramirez
Status: Construction